Language Reference covers all languages

You now have at your fingertips information about and detailed instruction for configuring all supported languages in your projects.

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GPT-4o is now the new default GPT version for our LLM based features!

Our foremost goal is to provide you with impactful writing assistance and leveraging AI features to help you write more efficiently. So integrating the most recent GPT LLM into our platform is only natural. GPT-4o offers enhanced capabilities and superior performance over GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-3.5. As 4o has such a performance and quality advantage, we have removed 3.5 and set 4o as the new default.

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GPT Configure Suggestions - Tweak your GPT Statement Suggestions!

You now have a say in what data points are used to inform the suggested Statements. That improves the quality of Statement Suggestions drastically.

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Familiarizing yourself with new project topics is easier now!

You now have the option to research your E-commerce data. That should speed up the time to your first story draft substantially.

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GPT-3.5 or GPT4? You can now pick your fighter!

You now have the choice of whether your project's ML-powered suggestions should be provided by GPT-4, the very latest large language model (LLM), or whether you should continue to rely on the proven workhorse GPT-3.5.

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Advanced Shortening: Control the Text Length on Statement Level

In some cases, there are strict restrictions on text length, such as SEO titles or some headlines. Certain character counts may not be exceeded.

With the new Advanced Shortening, you can now set the maximum number of characters for both Statements and Branchings. As a result, you have more control over the length of individual sections of text, as well as the overall length of the text.

Screenshot Shortening Branches

By setting a specific number of characters for a Branching, you can precisely define the length of text sections.

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ML-powered Suggestions – Transforming Your Writing Process with GPT

We're delighted to introduce the latest enhancements designed to elevate your content creation experience. Two ML-powered features that amplify your creativity and efficiency and seamlessly integrate into your workflow inside the NLG Cockpit, now available in open beta:
Statement Suggestions and Alternative Text Suggestions.

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Partial Translation Packages for an efficient translation workflow

Enhance your translation workflow flexibility with “Partial Translation Packages”: You can create translation packages that contain only the content that has been updated since the last translation, as well as manually refine the set of items given to translators.

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Translation Packages – Organize and Manage Translation Work with Ease

Translate app translation Ppackage overview

We are continuing to improve the translation experience in the AX NLG Cloud. With our new Translation Packages feature, you can now organize and manage the work of translators directly on our platform.

We created a new Translate App, which is tailored to a translator's workflow. This app, which is isolated from your cockpit projects, lets translators work on their translations without interfering with text production. In the translate app, we have reduced the concepts a translator needs to learn to work with AX.

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Machine Translation – let AI translate whole branching structures for you

Screenshot of a prompt reading "It looks like you're trying to paste content from another language, would you like me to translate it for you?"

AI-based machine translation is now right at your fingertips in the AX NLG Cloud Cockpit!

Just by copying selected content out of a statement or phrase in one language and pasting it somewhere else in another language you can now get whatever you paste automatically translated, branching structure and containers included!

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Language Specific Test Objects Improve Managing Multilingual Projects

For multilingual NLG projects with language-specific data, we now have a new feature: Preview Test Objects can be assigned to a specific language. With these new language-specific test objects you can keep better track of your Preview Test Objects even in projects with many languages and test objects.

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Container Suggestions – Save Time With AI Supported Annotation

We're excited to announce our newest innovation for the AX platform: Container Suggestions!

Previously you had to configure containers by hand, adding variables and grammar yourself. Container suggestions change that. You now get suggestions for new containers, complete with variable detection and grammatical configuration, on plain text in the write section, even while you type.

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