Translation Packages – Organize and Manage Translation Work with Ease

We are continuing to improve the translation experience in the AX NLG Cloud. In December we introduced Machine Translation, which lets you translate whole branching structures directly in the Writer, saving you a lot of time reconstructing statements for new languages.
Now we are releasing Translation Packages as open beta, which let you manage the work of translators with ease and gives translators the same machine translation power.

We know that translating a ruleset can be a lot of work. Especially with multiple people working on the same ruleset it can be hard to keep track of what has been translated and who is working on what. Using the AX NLG Cloud often requires navigating a lot of our platform concepts, which can be a barrier for translators.

For these reasons we created a new Translate App, which is tailored to a translator's workflow. This app, which is isolated from your cockpit projects, lets translators work on their translations without interfering with text production. In the translate app, we have reduced the concepts a translator needs to learn to work with AX. Features not related to translation, like transform or our expression language, are hidden from translators, so they can focus on translating.

Feature Highlights

Isolated Access for Translators with a New User Role

We have created a new user role, Translator, which gives translators access to just their assigned translation packages without having to worry about them interfering with your text production. Translators can only access the translate app and can't see any of your projects or other cockpit features.

Translation Package Management and a Complete Workflow for You and Your Translators

Translation Package Management

You can organize the work of translators with Translation Packages, which let you assign specific translators to work on translations for a certain language. Translation packages let you check progress, communicate with translators and once they have finished translating, review and merge their translations back into the project to generate texts with. All management is integrated into the cockpit under the Translate tab in the composer.

Each individual translation item, be it statement, phrase node or lookup table entry, has its own state, tracking if it has been translated, reviewed or merged. We also accounted for translators encountering blocking problems during translation or reviewers rejecting submitted translations. Track the total package progress with the progress bar and see how many items are still open with filters.

Changes happening in a translation packages are isolated from your cockpit project and don't affect your text production. You can merge translations back into your project to generate texts with, or improve them further with your translators.

Translate App

Translate app translation Ppackage overview

The Translate Appopen in new window is a dedicated environment for translators to work in. It is isolated from your cockpit projects, so translators can focus on translating without having to learn about the rest of the platform. The app is tailored to a translator's workflow and lets them translate statements, check their progress and communicate with you.

Machine Translation for Translators

Translators can also use machine translation to translate whole branching structures, which saves them a lot of time. This is the same machine translation feature that we introduced in December, but now translators can use it too, directly in the translate app.


Translators and reviewers can communicate via comments attached to translation items. This lets you discuss specific translations and give feedback to translators. Comments are also visible in the cockpit, so you can see them without having to switch to the translate app.

Comments in the translate app

And more!

We've also improved the translation experience with a lot of smaller features, like notifications, ruleset syncing, showing which lexicon entries are queried for each container, and more.

Get Started with Translation Packages Now!

We would like to thank those customers and users that have participated in the closed beta up to now, have given valuable feedback and insights, and helped us to improve the translation experience. By releasing this as open beta we are making this add-on available as of today to all users, to get it battle-tested by the masses, and polish auxiliary aspects like documentation and tutorials.

Translation Packages and the Translate App are activated in all accounts for now.

To get started with Translation Packages, read our getting started guideopen in new window and schedule a demo with your customer success agent to have an interactive session on your individual project right here: