Recorded Webinars

If you want to learn about certain topics or missed a webinar date: here you can find the recorded webinars the AX staff have held.

For any questions about the content, suggestions for new webinar topics, or if you would like to get the corresponding slide decks, please contact us via chat.

How Does Automated Content Generation Work With AX Semantics Software?

This is a good webinar to start learning about the NLG Platform. Peter gives an introduction to automated content generation. He shows how the software works and gives a guided software tour using a concrete example.

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Working on the NLG Platform

Container Functions

Nyam explains how to configure a phrase with its individual parts and settings of containers in a much easier interface now.

How to Work With Branches

In this webinar, Vita gives an introduction to working with branches. Branches are visual representations of the structures of statements, they provide an easy way to write statements in more variable ways and arrange their components for different conditions.

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Data Analysis on the AX NLG Platform

Data analysis is an essential prerequisite for producing good and meaningful texts. If you know the quality of your data in terms of technology and content, the values from which you can derive statements and how the values are distributed, you can later derive relevant conditions and triggers but also formulate good sentences. In this webinar, Alex shows you how you can evaluate and analyze your data and thus get a solid basis for your texts.

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Variance In-Depth Tutorial

Producing unique texts is one of the key features of our platform. Peter shows you how to create texts that differ in their choice of words, visual appearance and message.

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How to derive statements from all your data sets

"This is the most inexpensive product in our range" or "These pants are also available in green, blue and black" - For product range statements like these, you need to include all of your product data in your content automation project. You can't derive them from a single data set. Alex explains how you can use data analysis to formulate overarching statements about your products.

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Combining Multiple Elements Into Groups

To combine individual elements e.g. product features in one statement you use group nodes. Nyam gives an overview of the applications and use cases for groups on the NLG platform.

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Trigger and Logic - In-Depth Tutorial

In order to decide which content to include in generated texts and which to leave out, you need to make decisions based on logic. In this webinar, Nyam, a computational linguist at AX, shows you how to use logic and trigger in different ways to control the messages in your texts and get the content right.

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Modifying Data with Mapping Expressions

To get meaningful content you often have to modify your data. Peter explains how to do this using mapping nodes and mapping expressions.

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Compose your Story With Statement Loops

If you want to create a dynamic narrative, you can use statement loops. These loops make it possible to arrange repeating structures into different stories.
By iterating over list items in your data, you can easily generate more detailed and customized text for specific list items.

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API for Data and Texts

Peter explains to you how to upload data and download your texts via the AX API. With this knowledge, you can seamlessly integrate our services into your platform.

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Managing NLG Projects

NLG Projects in E-Commerce

Do you want to know how to kick off and steer a Natural Language Generation Project? Vita presents all important aspects of an NLG project, which actions you have to take in a particular order and how you can control it optimally.

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Generate multilingual product descriptions automatically

Learn how to generate vast amounts of multilingual text efficiently and affordably. In this Webinar, Alex also explores key questions: How does AX Semantics differ from traditional translation tools like Google or DeepL? What are the advantages of automated translation with AX Semantics? How to set up a multilingual project on the AX Semantics platform? And how do the translation steps work?

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How to organize a successful AX project

A successful AX project starts even before the first software project is created on the NLG platform. There are considerations about text concepts, data quality and available resources. Andreas, project manager at AX, shows how to plan an AX project, what tasks are involved and then how to manage the ongoing project.

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Project L - The Most Effective Project Approach for Many Product Categories

In this webinar, Peter explains how to plan and implement your AX project most efficiently with a large product range or many product categories.

"Project L" means that you first implement one category in detail and in depth. After that you don't move on to the next category and then the one after that, but you write statements for the features that are shared by many product categories. This way, you quickly achieve a high level of coverage across categories.

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How to Generate Automated FAQ for Online Shops

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and their answers provide visitors, for example on product pages, with additional information that cannot be found in the product descriptions and thus improve the user experience. FAQs are also a valuable tool for search engine optimization.

Peter presents in this webinar how you can easily generate individual FAQs in an automated way using AX Semantics and thus enhance your content by high-quality material.

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How to Enhance Your Product Descriptions for Maximum Impact Across Multiple Channels

This webinar aims to elevate your e-commerce business by showing the techniques to optimize your product copy across various channels. Alex presents strategies and practical tips for crafting effective product descriptions. Learn how to streamline your process by setting up your product descriptions once in a text generation project on the AX NLG platform, and seamlessly adapt them for different channels.

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