Partial Translation Packages for an efficient translation workflow

Enhance your translation workflow flexibility with “Partial Translation Packages”: You can create translation packages that contain only the content that has been updated since the last translation, as well as manually refine the set of items given to translators.

This enhancement to our Translation Packages feature provides new options to make it easier to manage translation items: when maintaining rulesets after the initial translation has been created, or for larger projects to more effectively manage the project .

Ensure that only updated items are sent to translators when maintaining translations

When creating a translation package, you can now select a mode that includes only items where the source has changed since the last translation. The newly created translation package will then only contain the updated items.

Create Partial Translation Package

Edit the selection of items

After the Translaton Package has been created, you can now remove individual items, or for lookup tables, the entire table. Items can be removed as long as work on them has not yet started. Translators will then only see the remaining items in their list.

Remove Items from Translation Package

Remove Lookup Table

This feature is based on some feedback from our closed beta customers, thanks to everyone who participated. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us in our in-app chat or speak to your Customer Success Agent.

Translation Packages and the Translate App are activated in all accounts for now.

Our Team is happy tp help you with your translation endevaour

To get started with Translation Packages, read our getting started guideopen in new window and schedule a demo with your customer success agent to have an interactive session on your individual project right here: