GPT-3.5 or GPT4? You can now pick your fighter!

You now have the choice of whether your project's ML-powered suggestions should be provided by GPT-4, the very latest large language model (LLM), or whether you should continue to rely on the proven workhorse GPT-3.5.

OpenAI launched a new, very powerful LLM with the release of GPT-4 earlier this year. It is superior to its predecessor GPT-3.5 in some respects. However, real-world usage has shown that GPT-3.5 is more robust in some particular contexts.

You will therefore be able to choose which language model is to be used in the project in your project settings:

Choose the GPT Version in the project settings

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We're continuously improving our ML-powered suggestions, and we'd love to hear about your experiences with both of the LLMs. Let us know via our support chat or your customer success agent.