# Write first following the “Augmented Human” principle

In this lesson I will guide you through several tasks to show you how the software assists you as a writer to create your own Natural Language Generation projects. This happens on different levels:

Variable Auto Suggest The software will create extraction from your data automatically by detecting yet unused information. The results are presented in the Write tab, so you can instantly use them for your writing. Once used the software will create the nodes automatically.

Container Suggestions while Typing The software looks at your written text, analyses the grammar, and suggests container and compatible data extraction. You can accept the suggestions or adapt them for your use.

Container for Group of Words Containers now contain whole phrases, with internal variations and synonyms - automatically fulfilling grammatical requirements. The containers are divided into three categories (noun container, verb container and pronoun container) according to their grammatical functions, each containing specific configurations.

# A step-by-step lesson for writing a short product description

You learn how to write a product description without creating nodes in advance or taking preparatory steps in Transform. Just import your data, run an analysis, head to the Write Tab and start writing.

# What you can learn in this lesson:

  • How to use the words in your data set to write a descriptions.
  • How to work with variable suggestions.
  • How to create and configure the new container types.
  • How to get variance through branches (in containers).

Please keep in mind, that you mandatorily need the know-how from our Seminar (opens new window).

Tip: The new features you need to work in this way have to be activated. This is the default for all new projects. If you want to activate them for your older projects, go to the settings of your project and there to feature previews and switch on Container Parts & Suggestions.

  • Learn about container types and writing
  • Solve the tasks step by step
  • Take a look at the results

# What's next?

You find more detailed information about working in the Writer area and configuring the containers in the Webinar Container Functions (opens new window)