# Collection of sample projects

# What to expect in this guide

Here we have some sample projects, which you can have a closer look at on the platform.

# Generating automated wine descriptions

What you can see in this project

  • Header: VOC__designation and Style „Heading“

  • all statmenetns: PHRASE VARIABLES from automatically created DATA NODES

  • Introduction:

    • VOC__designation with determiner -> demonstrative und alternative content „This wine“

    • VOC__country with preceding: from

  • S ynonyms for: „classified“, „received“ and „rating“

  • group__points composed of 6 CONDITION NODES with PHRASE VARIABLES (e.g. phrase_points_90_to_95)

  • VOC__points

  • TRIGGER for statement: TRIGGER__points

  • Variety, Description and Price: only PHRASE VARIABLES.

  • Stories: 4 Stories (alle mit Auto-Trigger)

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