Manage Your Team

If you are not the only user that works on your projects, then users need to be managed in a team. A team in the AX Semantics platform represents all users that work under the same license, with different roles for users and specific rights. In the team view you can add and remove team members, customize the communication settings and also manage your license.

User Roles

There are three roles a user can have in an AX Semantics team. Each of them has different rights to manage team composition:

The Owner With a License

  • The license holder of the AX Semantics customer license is the team owner.
  • No one can take away their access rights.
  • The transfer of ownership to another owner is only possible via our AX Support.
  • The main perk is the ability to give other users owner or admin rights or take them away.
  • They also have access to all admin perks.

The Admin

  • The admin is a team leader and can invite colleagues to a team.
  • They can not remove users. Contact your team owner if a user needs removal.
  • The admin is also equipped with every perk regular users have.

The Regular User

  • The user can see and work on projects.
  • They can also see owners, admins, and other users in the same group.

Team Overview

You can access the team management viewopen in new window by clicking on your avatar in the top right, and then on manage team. In this view you can invite and remove users, change their role, and manage the license for your team. At the top of the page, you can also see the name and a brief explanation of your license.

All of your fellow users allocated to that team are displayed with their respective user roles in two areas: Users and Support Users.

Users contains the team members that are from your organization. They count against the seat limits of your license.

Support Users contains the team members who are either AX Semantics employees or employees of one of our partners. They appear here if you bought any kind of service creation or support. Users listed in this section do not count against the seat limits of your license.

A third area Invitations lists all the users you invited, but have not accepted that invitation yet.

Invite new Users

Users of the owner and admin roles can invite other users to collaborate in their team.

Users that join a team because of an invitation will be added to that team and do not need a paid license themselves.

Before you invite a user


To invite a user

  1. Navigate to the manage team viewopen in new window.
  2. Click on the green invite user buttonopen in new window.
  3. Make sure that there is at least one invite left.
  4. Fill out the name and email address of the user you want to invite. Make sure that you use the correct email address for the user, if they already have an account with AX Semantics.
  5. Click the invite button.

Invited users will receive an email with instructions on how to join the team and, if necessary, on how to sign up to the platform.

An invitation expires automatically after 7 days and can be canceled prematurely. To cancel an invitation, click on the red cancel invitation icon next to the user invitation's expiry date.

Removing Users

Removing a user from your team can become necessary if you want to add another, and you have no more invites left or a user is no longer working with AX Semantics.

To remove a user from your team, find them in the Users or Support Users view and click on the small trash bin that appears when you point your mouse at the user's entry.

Managing Your License

You can manage the description, the billing method and address of your team's current license.

Navigate to the manage team viewopen in new window and click on the blue billing buttonopen in new window at the top. This view shows you the description of your current license and some facts about the billing process.

A click on the blue Manage Subscription button at the top will take you to the subscription management, where you can change your payment method, update your account information and address.