The Write Section

In the Write Section (a subsection of the Composer area) you develop your texts in linguistic terms. You formulate and edit your statements (content units on the NLG platform) based on a specific dataset (the test object). You also specify the statement components that come from the dataset and define grammatical properties as well as linguistic relationships of the words.

The Core Elements of the Write Section

  • A Statementopen in new window on the NLG platform is a content and linguistic unit including branches and sub-branches, static parts and containers.
  • Containersopen in new window are defined parts of a statement containing words or other expressions that are further processed grammatically as a unit. Some containers get their content from specific sources, i.e from data (variables) or nodes.
  • Branchesopen in new window are visual representations of the structures and sub-decisions in your statements. Branches support creating statements in more variable ways and arranging their components according to given requirements.