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Information about each and every document you ever uploaded through the API or the graphical interface can be found in Uploads & Reports. It shows the following information line by line for each file:

  • filename
  • status
  • created items (file contained multiple documents)
  • failed items (file contained multiple documents)
  • started
  • finished

The status display can show you several states of the upload:

  • new: Upload incoming
  • started: All imports started
  • pending: Work in progress
  • success: Imported
  • error: Could not import
  • ignore: Ignore this entry

To view more information about the uploaded file, you must click on the corresponding line. In this section you can go to the collection where the files were uploaded or you can download the file. Additionally, you can get more detailed information about failed documents during the file upload.


Uploads & Reports shows you the current upload status of your document into the NLG cloud. It may take longer to make the documents in your project accessible.

Once your documents are accessible in your project, you should check them for correctness. You can upload different types of file formats to the NLG Cloud. If your file is incorrectly formatted, it can still be successfully uploaded in another format.


Use two collections, one for testing and one for production, to ensure that your generated texts do not use documents that you did not want or should not use.