Once you are done with your statements in the Write Tab and with your logics in the Transform Tab and you want to take a look at how your texts would really look like, you can go to the Review Tab in order to start with the quality assurance. There you can generate some real texts for quality assurance purposes. Every text you generate here is for free. You can only generate one text at a time.

# Test Objects

The test objects you already marked in the data sources will appear in a column on the left panel. You can search for a concrete test object in the search box. By clicking in one object, you will see in the middle panel the uploaded data corresponding to that object – in JSON format – and in the right panel the corresponding generated text.

# Result

In this right panel you can directly see under "Result" one variant of the text which would correspond to this specific test object. You can regenerate it by clicking on "regenerate" in the green button as often as you wish to see how the text would work with other variants and even other statements depending on your story. This is very useful for quality assurance, since you can review here a lot of different texts in every language you wrote.

If there is some light mistake in one of your nodes – e.g. the node doesn't have an output in this case –, the software will create an error message in orange and refer to it. You can then click on it and see if you need to adapt something or if the error is not relevant for this product.

If you created an error node in your project to let your texts fail, for example, in case some data field is empty, you will get a red error message and the information you wrote in your error node.

# Debug

Clicking on Debug, you will see a list of the rendered statements that were used for this text, the rendered nodes and the missing lexicon entries.