On the NLG Platform, the organizational unit is the Project. It bundles all the elements needed for automated text creation into one managing unit. This includes the imported data, the rules and logics, and text parts (including their variants).

Project Settings

  • Name: You can name the project < What characters are allowed for naming the project>
  • License: Displays the license this project is running on. From here you can also access the team directly.
  • Clone Project: Creates a copy of this project with data and rulesets.
  • Delete Project: Deletes the project irrevocably, it cannot be restored.


Active and Inactive Projects

For complying with the limitations of the license, projects can be in two states:

  1. If a project is active texts can be generated and used.
  2. In an inactive project it's not possible to generate texts in the results tab, via the API, the Direct API or the Instant API. For getting an overview over active and inactive project or to switch between these to states go to your profile settings usage


At this point, you can add the languages for a project. All active languages for this project are listed.

Instant Generation Endpoints

Here all the Instant Generation Points are listed and you can also search for them. Instant Generation Endpoints are your tool to generate texts on the fly, both fast and with no data retention. In contrast to collections and documents, where your data is uploaded as documents to our platform and text is generated based on large piles of data, Instant Generation Endpoints present a minimal way to use our text generation pipeline in one step, without storing your sensitive data or your generated texts.

The endpoints created here will use this projects text generation rules, provide dedicated URLs to upload your data to and will deliver the finished text to your configured webhooks. All without persisting data, and with low latency. See also API docs.

Feature Previews

Here you can activate all project-bound features that are not yet set as default.