In the Narrate tab you can mangage your stories.

To create a new Story press ADD STORY and give your story a name. To delete a Story switch into its configuration and press the *DELETE STORY button.

In the configuration interface you have the following fields:

  • Name
  • Triggger
  • Statement order
  • Available


Rename your story.


The activated switch Always use the story means that the story is taken into account during generation. If you have two stories on "Always on", then one of the stories will be randomly selected for generation.

The disabled switch turns off your story and gives you the opportunity to select a trigger. Set a trigger to have the story generated based on the state of that trigger. If the trigger is true*, the story will be included in the generation, otherwise it will be ignored.

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Statement order and Available

In the statement order you change the order of the selected statements or exclude them for that story. You can change this order by dragging and dropping the statements.Use the bin icon to remove the statement from this story.Use the bucket icon to remove the statement from this story.

Below Available you can see all the statements you created and that aren't currently in use in your story. Press on a statement to add it to your story.