# 17 LOOKUPS (see also in Nodes)

//TODO Lookups are a feature in the platform to translate text to other text without creating a large amount of Nodes. Preliminaries

  • You need a data field that contains strings (text)
  • You need other text you’d like to translate the data field values to. It is not necessary to have a match for every data field value.

# Here is how you use Lookups

  1. Create a Data Node, that reads the data you want to tranlate. Make sure it has the right Data Path and is of Data Type Text
  2. Add a Lookup Table Node.
  3. Click on the Lookup Table Node and then in the right menu on edit table
  4. elect languages (If you don’t have multiple languages, skip this step)
  5. Click on Add Lookup
  6. Write one of your data values in the field Key
  7. Write the desired output of Key into the Fields next to it
  8. Repeat until all your values have an assigned output
  9. Create a Mapping Node and connect the two Nodes from step 1 and 2 to it.
  10. Add the code get(#table,#key,#key) to the Mapping Expression - The Mapping Node should now preview a $phraseX
  11. Attach a Group Node and a Variable Node to the Mapping Node