Lookup Tables

Lookup Tables are a feature in the Transform area on the NLG platform, with which you can convert words or phrases into other words or phrases.

Unlike mapping nodes, no logical operations can be performed in lookup tables, here only a sequence of characters is transferred to another sequence of characters.


  • You need a data field that contains strings (text)
  • You need other text you’d like to translate the data field values to. It is not necessary to have a match for every data field value.

Applications of Lookup Tables

  • Translating data field values in multilingual project, if the data is only provided in one language.

    • schwarz → negro (es-CL)
    • schwarz → black (en-US)
  • Converting data field values to the desired text output, e.g. for aligning values or fixing errors:

    • smart → smartphone
    • textile → textile fabric
  • Enriching data, e.g. by assigning phrases to data field values that are output in the sentence:

    • black → classic
    • casual → comfortable and tasteful


If you want to transfer specific data values use Lookup Tables for cases where logical decisions are necessary, you use Mapping nodes.

Settings in Lookup Tables

Key Insert the value of the data field you want to transfer Language Specifies for which language(s) the new edition should apply. Edit Heads

Output Results of the Lookup Tables

The Lookup tables are read out via Mapping nodes (with the function: get(table, key[, fallback]open in new window)and then passed on via Group nodes to Variable nodes, which then can be used in the Write section.