Temperature Notifications for an Office

A project that shows how to use sensor data to generate notification texts in multiple languages. This kind of data sources are most often found in the Internet of Things context. They are usually processed to produce short notification texts.

For this project the data collected by sensors on the outside temperature and the inside temperature and humidity from several offices is used.

What you can Explore in This Project:

How to get Text Output From Sensor Data

  • Lookups to adjust different input values.
  • Use of Symbols/Icons/Emojis in text.
  • How to work with entries in multiple languages in Phrase Nodes.

Please keep in mind, that you mandatorily need the know-how from our Seminaropen in new window.

  • Check that you are logged in on the AX platform.
  • Explore this example project
  • Languages: English, German, Latin, Spanish and Russian