E-Commerce Product Descriptions (Smartphones)

This is the complete project on which the basic guide Seminaropen in new window is based. It contains a set of product descriptions for smartphones you can use for online shops or landing pages.

What you can Explore in This Project:

How to Achieve a High Level of Variance

  • Using different story types for variant text structure (see the Narrate tab in Composer).
  • Arranging information into chunks with bullet points and sub headlines (see Write tab in the Composer).
  • Vary words and phrases by using branches (see Write tab in the Composer).

How to Transfer Data Values Into Meaningful Text

  • Determining conditions under which certain messages should appear by creating condition nodes and trigger (see Transform tab in Composer).
  • Presenting the top features of a product with Group nodes.
  • Automatically adjusting grammar when conditions change (in the Container settings).

How to get and use Statistical Information About the Data

  • Using histogram function for finding minimal, maximal and average values of a specific data field in the whole collection (see Transform tab in Composer).
  • Comparing the products and placing the current product in the range that all the others define (e.g. defining a big, an average, and a small size or a high, an average, and a low price taking all the products in the collection into consideration).
  • Check that you are logged in on the AX platform.
  • Explore this example project
  • Language: English

Video Tour Through This Project

If you want to explore this example in depth, watch the recorded webinar, where it is presented in detail: