# Sales Call Report

This project generates weekly call performance reports for a sales team, based on calls taken and calls duration stored in a tabular format (Excel Spreadsheet) and then converted into a JSON format. The project is heavily focused on data manipulation and processing (Composer - Transform).

# Specified KPIs

The team decided on the following KPIs:

  • Total calls
  • Total accepted calls in percent
  • Who had the most calls
  • His accepted
  • How much more calls did he accepct in comparison to the second best inpercent
  • Who had the longest call and the time of that call
  • How many calls are in a particular range

# Provided data

The data points they could provide for ~1K calls a week:

  • date and time (e.g. "2019-08-26 07:18:22")
  • salesperson ( e.g. “John Doe”)
  • call status
    • accepted call (e.g. “completed”)
    • rejected call (e.g. “busy”, “no-answer”, “failed”)
  • direction (“outbound”, “inbound”)

# Project details

Some project details:

  • Creating a table with Statement Loops
  • Advanced use of Mapping Nodes and functions
    • Sort and filter lists
    • Count elements, also unique elementsk of a list
    • Extract information and creating a new list
    • Calculate averages
    • format output to match the numerical representation
    • date convert
    • string processing
  • Use of Subgraphs to organize the Transform area
  • Language: English